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Money Makeover Update!

Do you remember our Money Makeover contest from last summer? Our winner, Ta-Tanisha Atkins from Cameron University was recently featured on the Biz Kids YouTube channel. Check it out!  


Ta-Tanisha Atkins of Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma is the top vote getter in our Money Makeover Contest.  Ta-Tanisha will receive the $2,000 grand prize for making the most progress in meeting her financial goal.  Our other Featured Bloggers, Anita Stoudmire, David Finch,  Steven Hayes and Vickie Houston will each receive $500 for their participation. … Continue Reading

Who will our big winner be?

The Money Makeover Contest winner will be announced soon, and all of our Featured Bloggers have made significant headway toward paying down their debts and reaching their other financial goals.  But just like a good diet, the key to maintaining progress is to stay the course.  Here are five things to always keep in mind… Continue Reading

Money Makeover Contest – Steven, Post #5

I have to say that [I] thought this financial responsibility thing would be harder than what it is. So far I have reduced interest rates and applied extra payments to one account which has led to a 200 dollar net gain toward financial freedom. I have eliminated one recurring bill that was not even use… Continue Reading

Money Makeover Contest – Anita, Post #6

Wow, the time is really racing by! We are just about to the end of the Money Makeover Contest and here is my update so far. Higher One gave us some questions to answer about the process of meeting our financial goal, so here are my answers: What steps have you taken to achieve your… Continue Reading

Money Makeover Contest – Vickie, post #5

My progress-to-date in meeting my goals is that I have continued [to] stay the course! I have maintained my thrift-spending habits and budget. I have made my payments in a timely manner. I realize that I may experience a stumble due to unforeseen repair bills and maintenance to maintain my home and transportation now that we are… Continue Reading

Money Makeover Contest, David post #4

The contestant videos are up!!! I personally watched all the videos for the other contestants and we all made valid points on why we need to change our spending habits. Personally, I feel that I need to win, but if I had to choose who won would be, Ta-Tanisha. I know what it is like… Continue Reading

Money Makeover Contest, Steven post #4

Okay yall! I am so dang stoked right now. I have been trying for some time now to reduce my overall debt by addressing the high credit card fees that seem to have magically sprung up over the last few years. I could have swore that I heard Obama talk about restricting the way in… Continue Reading

Money Makeover Contest, Ta-Tanisha post #4

Fashionista: I’m a DIVA *snaps* This blog is more personal, but I think it can be helpful to some (well a lot). Save. Ok that’s out of my system. Now personally. I used to have a shopping problem (remember all my emergencies?). Anything that was cute. I had to have. Name brand bags. Nikes. Jays…. Continue Reading

Money Makeover Contest, Anita post #4

I have been working really hard to cut back on my spending this past week. I have found that what they say about the “latte factor” is true! The little things that we treat ourselves to really add up fast! So I have been making my own coffee at home, and bringing snacks for me… Continue Reading