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Second Prize Money on My Mind $500 Winner, Mark Niedermann

Have you experienced a similar situation (and we don’t mean cutting your own hair). Have you found it hard to manage your money if you’re not managing your time? Posting a comment and telling us how this video relates to your life enters you to win a $20 gift card* – so let us know!

Thanksgiving Break: Have the Money Talk Before Doorbusters Begin

College students think of Thanksgiving as a well-deserved break from academic stress and impending project due dates. But, their focus should be on their textbooks and their pocketbooks.

Money on My Mind $100 Runner-Up, Edith Bikoba

The number 1 money management issue I face as a student is definitely overspending; buying things that I don’t really need. Some strategies I use to overcome this is having a budget and setting a monthly limit, and not going over my limit.

Money on My Mind $100 Runner-Up, Paola Hernandez

One of the strategies I use to help overcome my struggle and help me save money is to determine what is necessary and what is unnecessary. What are the things that I need versus the things that I want.

Freshman Money Tips

Looks like you are almost there. But have you thought about how you’ll manage your money while in school?  Here are some important tips every freshman should consider for making the transition to being in control of your finances stress-free…

Challenge Week 2: Slim Statements = Fat Pockets

Controlling your money flow starts with a good review of your spending habits. So back by popular demand, this week’s challenge is to review your debit and/or credit card transactions on your online statement or other spending records (i.e. check register, receipts) for the last few weeks. Then, write down the 2-3 things that you could have done without and answer our online poll.

Money on My Mind Grand Prize, $2000 Winner…

Lisett Roque from Harrisburg Area Community College Congratulations, Lisett! Getting organized is the number one priority when evaluating your finances says our grand prize, $2000 Money on My Mind video contest winner, Lisett Roque from Harrisburg Area Community College. Setting up a budget and reviewing your purchases are only small parts of Lisett’s approach however…. Continue Reading

Money on My Mind $100 Winner – Adelle del Rosario

This week’s $100 winner is music to our ears! Adelle del Rosario from the University of North Texas sings us a tune on how she balances school, life and money. Not only will listing all of your spending at the end of the day help you keep track of your balance, but it can also… Continue Reading

Money on My Mind Honorable Mention – Kelly Delancy

Have you ever done this: at the end of the day you take all of your receipts and throw them on your desk, or in a drawer never to be looked at again? Well so did Kelly Delancy from SUNY Plattsburgh in our first Honorable Mention video. The good news is that she’s back on… Continue Reading

Money on My Mind $100 Winner – Allison Hahn

Our next $100 winning video comes from Allison Hahn at Kennesaw State University. Allison says her biggest money management challenge was actually keeping track of her money. Now shes uses spreadsheets and her online bank account to keep track of everything. How to you keep track of your money? Remember to post a comment about… Continue Reading