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4 Ways to Stop Impulse Spending by Scott Gamm

Distinguishing between needs and wants is a tricky area of money management, largely hindered by impulse spending. Tweet // And most of us have succumbed to the notion of unplanned purchases, whether in the grocery store or walking down the aisles of our favorite clothing store. Right then and there, we see an item and… Continue Reading

An Easy Way to Make Your Refund Last!

When it comes to your Financial Aid refund, remember that these funds are provided to help you with your out-of-pocket college expenses such as books, transportation or rent if you are living off campus. Tweet // After all, a good portion of these refund dollars may be from student loans that you signed up for. … Continue Reading

5 Money Smart Moves for the New Year – By Scott Gamm

With the new year upon us, we tend to start tackling our resolutions in many areas, whether financial, academic or health-related. When it comes to managing money while in college, you’ll have a leg up if you consider these five money moves to make in 2013. From credit cards to savings to student loans, it’s… Continue Reading

Meeting the Money Challenges of Adult College Students

Check out my recent Huffington Post article on meeting the money challenges of adult college students for some great tips!

Five New Year “Musts” for the Financially Fit College Student

The new year is a great time to reflect on current habits and make adjustments to the things we would like to change or improve.  While many people tend to focus on things like diet and exercise, spending a little time honing in on your college finances while on semester break would be a wise… Continue Reading

Grand Prize Money on My Mind $2000 Winner, Mike Jones!

Introducing, Mike “Microphone” Jones from the University of Tampa, our GRAND PRIZE Money on My Mind video contest winner! Mike is taking home $2,000 for his video for, “Budget Song!”

Money on My Mind 2012 Recap

We received over 150 video submissions which made for a difficult selection process, but the winners definitely shined through with their actionable advice for fellow college students. A brief summary of their wise words are included below. Which of these is your favorite?

Money on My Mind $100 Runner-Up, Carlisha Watkins

“Instead of making an easy stop at a fast food restaurant during my long drive to school and home, I pack a lunch and a LOT of snacks! This saves me loads each week.” Sound familiar? Post a comment and you could win a $20 gift card!

Make Your Refund Last Calculator

Have you received a Financial Aid refund but aren’t really sure what it’s for? Well, you’re not alone. Many college students receive Financial Aid refunds from their school when the total amount of Financial Aid awarded exceeds the amount owed to your college or university for actual tuition and fee charges. These funds are provided to help you… Continue Reading

Freshman Money Tips

Looks like you are almost there. But have you thought about how you’ll manage your money while in school?  Here are some important tips every freshman should consider for making the transition to being in control of your finances stress-free…