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Make Your Refund Last!

Your Financial Aid refund is your lifeline for out-of-pocket school expenses such as books, transportation and rent. A good portion of these dollars may come from your student loans, which you will have to repay when your graduate or leave school, so spend them wisely. The first step is to make sure this money lasts… Continue Reading

Money Rules for Back to School

Now that you’re settling in for the new term, it’s a great time to review your cash flow and make a plan to get through the semester on a full tank. Here are some tips for a smooth ride! Review your financial aid package Make sure you understand the difference between grants, which you don’t… Continue Reading

Run Your House for Less

Earning your degree while managing a family and household can be extremely challenging. There are only so many hours in a day, so sometimes we choose an easier path (like stopping for takeout), rather than one that makes more financial sense (such as making dinner at home). Rather than feel guilty about these occasional “misdemeanors,”… Continue Reading

Money Tips for Real Life

Money Tips for Real Life Congratulations, you’re a college graduate! With all the excitement surrounding getting your degree and trying to land your first “real” job, you may not have had time to think about how your finances will change now that you’re on your own. Navigating the jungle of personal and financial independence can… Continue Reading

Getting (Your Finances) in Shape for Summer

Summer’s almost here! Before you hit the beach, take a few minutes to get your finances in order. Not only will you be ready to roll in the fall, you can spend your time and energy enjoying your vacation rather than worrying about bills and making ends meet. Begin by reviewing your spending habits over… Continue Reading

Challenge Week 1: Plug the Small Leaks!

Controlling your money flow starts with a good review of your spending habits.  So our first challenge is to take a few minutes to review your spending habits.  You can do this by looking at your debit card transactions on your online statement or other spending records such as your check register and/or receipts. Look… Continue Reading

Top Ten Freshman Money Myths

Starting college is one of the most important and exciting times of your life. Now that you’re all “checked-in,” enjoy your college experience without worrying about where your next meal will come from by chasing away these common freshman money myths:

Money Rules for Back to School!

As the beginning of the fall semester quickly approaches, you may be focused on packing up, checking your class schedule, ordering books and paying your tuition bill. But it’s also a good idea to review your cash flow and make sure you have enough funds to get you through this semester. Here are a few… Continue Reading

4 Financial Takeaways from “More Money, Please” by Scott Gamm

Students know how important money management is, but sometimes dealing with our finances gets pushed to the back burner. My new book, MORE MONEY, PLEASE: The Financial Secrets You Never Learned in School, (Plume/Penguin) centers around one common theme: personal finance doesn’t have to be intimidating – or boring, for that matter. If you’re determined… Continue Reading

5 Money Mistakes We Made Moving in Together

Via LearnVest By Leah Manderson Fresh out of college, my boyfriend of one year and I knew that we wanted to get married. We were in no position, however, to afford a wedding. Neither one of us wanted to live with our parents during our pre-engagement, nor did we want the expense of living alone…. Continue Reading