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Higher One Financial Calculators: All In One Place

You may have seen our Savings Calculator, or the Calculator to estimate your student loan payments. Maybe you came across the Make it Last Calculator the last time you visited here at One For Your Money. If you’ve never seen any of them then you’re in luck because we’ve taken those calculators and put them… Continue Reading

Grand Prize Money on My Mind $2000 Winner, Mike Jones!

Introducing, Mike “Microphone” Jones from the University of Tampa, our GRAND PRIZE Money on My Mind video contest winner! Mike is taking home $2,000 for his video for, “Budget Song!”

Money on My Mind 2012 Recap

We received over 150 video submissions which made for a difficult selection process, but the winners definitely shined through with their actionable advice for fellow college students. A brief summary of their wise words are included below. Which of these is your favorite?

First Prize Money on My Mind $1000 Winner, Enamarie Montero

Don’t stress out… Keep yourself prioritized… And be responsible on what and where you spend your money – Enamarie Montero, our $1,000 1st Prize Money on My Mind Winner. Check out her video!

Second Prize Money on My Mind $500 Winner, Mark Niedermann

Have you experienced a similar situation (and we don’t mean cutting your own hair). Have you found it hard to manage your money if you’re not managing your time? Posting a comment and telling us how this video relates to your life enters you to win a $20 gift card* – so let us know!

Money on My Mind $100 Runner-Up, Erick Andino

It’s easy to lose focus of how much money you’re spending. So the main strategy I use to distinguish the amount I use is by always setting aside a small amount of cash for any emergency situation that may occur.

Thanksgiving Break: Have the Money Talk Before Doorbusters Begin

College students think of Thanksgiving as a well-deserved break from academic stress and impending project due dates. But, their focus should be on their textbooks and their pocketbooks.

Money on My Mind $100 Runner-Up, Carlisha Watkins

“Instead of making an easy stop at a fast food restaurant during my long drive to school and home, I pack a lunch and a LOT of snacks! This saves me loads each week.” Sound familiar? Post a comment and you could win a $20 gift card!

Money on My Mind $100 Runner-Up, Edith Bikoba

The number 1 money management issue I face as a student is definitely overspending; buying things that I don’t really need. Some strategies I use to overcome this is having a budget and setting a monthly limit, and not going over my limit.

Money on My Mind $100 Runner-Up, Paola Hernandez

One of the strategies I use to help overcome my struggle and help me save money is to determine what is necessary and what is unnecessary. What are the things that I need versus the things that I want.