Which Account is Right for you?

You may have noticed that Higher One now offers several account choices.  But how do you decide which one best fits your needs?  Well, that depends on how you use or plan to use your account.  These tips should help you get a better idea of the choice that might work best for you:

Prefer an account with no minimum balance requirements?

  • All accounts in the OneAccount Suite come with no minimum balance requirements!


Rarely make PIN Based transactions and always use Higher One ATMs to withdraw cash?

  • If this sounds like you, then the original OneAccount could be your best option.  Remember to always Swipe & Sign for your purchases and avoid using foreign ATMs to stay fee free.


Deposit at least $500 per month and use a foreign ATM occasionally, but not more than once a month?

  • Consider OneAccount Flex, but keep in mind that you will be charged a $5.95 monthly fee if you do not deposit at least $500 per month or make 30 Swipe & Sign transactions.  Flex includes one foreign ATM reimbursement each month, as well.  For an easy way to ensure you meet the requirements and avoid the monthly service fee, try having your paycheck direct deposited!


Deposit less than $500 per month, but often use your card to make purchases?

  • Check out OneAccount Premier! The monthly $8.95 fee is waived if you deposit at least $300 and make at least 10 Swipe & Sign transactions per month.  You’ll also receive reimbursement for up to 3 foreign ATM charges per month, but don’t forget that you are still liable for charges imposed by the owner of the non Higher One ATM you use.


Looking for help with budgeting and managing money?

  • While all three OneAccount Suite products provide you with free money management tips right here on One For Your Money, OneAccount Premier also includes a free (and fun to use) budgeting tool called Bud-jet.  Check out this blog post to learn more.


Choosing the account that works for you is important, so take a few minutes to review your deposit and transaction habits before making your selection.  And remember, if you have ideas about other account features or services you would like us to add, please post a comment right here on One For Your Money.

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