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Your Data: Private Property!

Identity theft—the fraudulent taking and use of someone’s personal and private information for financial or other gain—is the fastest growing crime in America. Thieves use the information they steal to open a credit card or other account, withdraw money from an existing account, make purchases, apply for loans, or even rent apartments or storage units…. Continue Reading

Run Your House for Less

Earning your degree while managing a family and household can be extremely challenging. There are only so many hours in a day, so sometimes we choose an easier path (like stopping for takeout), rather than one that makes more financial sense (such as making dinner at home). Rather than feel guilty about these occasional “misdemeanors,”… Continue Reading

Money Tips for Real Life

Money Tips for Real Life Congratulations, you’re a college graduate! With all the excitement surrounding getting your degree and trying to land your first “real” job, you may not have had time to think about how your finances will change now that you’re on your own. Navigating the jungle of personal and financial independence can… Continue Reading