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An upgraded version of the Refund Management distribution service will make refund disbursement more seamless for students and campuses – without offering loans or credit cards to college students. 

Colleges and universities will have access to a number of new features including:

  • Data Transfer – enables a campus to seamlessly transition from an internally managed direct deposit refund program to Refund Management
  • Compliance service – an extension of Higher One’s Title IV compliance assurance
  • PLUS Loan Refund Management – eliminates the need for your business office to print checks for parent PLUS Loans

No Upgrade Necessary!


Data Transfer:

Data Transfer enables a campus to honor past refund preferences, allowing for a more seamless transition to a new, more efficient refund disbursement solution.  This will help those campuses who have been primarily dissatisfied with the strain electronic refund distribution puts on the campus business office, but reluctant to put students through more change. Click to learn more!



Compliance service:

Higher One’s Refund Management has always handled compliance with the Department of Education’s regulations pertaining to the distribution of Title IV funds. Our Compliance service provides a campus with even more support for compliance through a dedicated Higher One resource prepared to provide any assistance necessary regarding disbursement of Title IV funds through our service during an ED Review.


PLUS Loan Refund Management:

To help campuses achieve greater efficiency and cost savings, we offer our   PLUS Loan Refund Management service; a product enhancement specifically designed for the distribution of Parent PLUS Loan refunds. Based on client feedback, Higher One has developed an option to help eliminate printing of paper checks for PLUS Loans. Clients will now be able to maximize greater customer services and cost savings. Click to learn more!


Advanced Student Service:

  • Promotes choice amongst students during the activation process:
    • Ability to electronically deposit refunds into any bank account in the United States
    • Electronically deposit refunds into an optional no monthly fee, no minimum balance, FDIC insured checking account provided by Higher One
    • Elect to receive a paper check in the mail.
  • Students receive their refunds for free and can change their refund preference as many times as they would like for no charge.
  • Students do not have to worry about being sold credit cards and loans because Higher One offers neither.

Here’s how Higher One's Refund Management works:



How the process works from an administrative perspective:

  • A college or university identifies which students are eligible for a refund and the amount. (Think of this as what you do currently. However, instead of hitting a button to print checks, you send a file to us.)
  • The college or university sends a flat file to Higher One with an identifier for the student and the amount of the disbursement.
  • The college or university wires Higher One the total amount for the disbursement.
  • Higher One distributes each refund to the student based on the preference they’ve selected.
  • Higher One handles all exceptions and all customer service.

*The funds are held in an FDIC insured escrow account at our partner bank in the name of the college or university for the benefit of its respective students.


To purchase or learn about Higher One's services, please complete an online web form.

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Before Higher One, our students only had one way to get their refunds, and that was by paper check. With Higher One processing refunds for us, it has allowed us to provide more options for our students without having to enter and store student banking information. We also no longer have to handle sorting, stuffing and mailing thousands of checks.Suzanne ClaggettUniversity of West Florida
Higher One’s experience with college students and their focus on serving colleges distinguishes Higher One from all other financial service providers. We really liked the fact that the community college customer base is expanding for Higher One.Carla Chance St. Louis Community College

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