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Give students the option to make an in-person payment either in the business office or through our mobile solution.

Our Cashiering solution enables campus departments to process “over-the-counter” payments, streamlining the process into a one-step, one-stop transaction with easy back-office reconciliation.

benefits for your staff

  • On-the-fly configuration for “quick click” payment processing
  • Web-based Departmental Deposit entry and receipting
  • Encrypted card swipe capabilities for cashiering stations with SecureMag™
  • SecurePad™ offers encrypted manual keypad entry for card numbers
  • Research and report on all customer information from one place
  • Tailored to match your specific campus business policies and procedures
  • Reduce the cost and effort related to PCI compliance
  • Improve processing time
  • Simplify end-of-day balancing and reconciliation
  • Easily integreates with many ERP systems

key features for students and authorized users

  • Expedited in-person payment experience either in the business office or attending a campus activity
  • Flexibility of multiple tender types
  • Fast updates to student account balances

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