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logo cl2We want to share with you very exciting news!

Higher One has added the Campus Labs suite of services, to the Higher One family. Thanks to your support, Higher One has experienced tremendous growth and success as a leader in full suite refund disbursement and payment processing solutions. The Campus Labs suite of services is a leading solution set of specialized, comprehensive assessment programs that combine data collection, reporting, organization, and campus-wide integration, and has also been experiencing tremendous growth.  Together, we share a vision of expanding services to the higher education market through our people and technologies.  By working together, we have an opportunity to focus on accelerating development and delivery of compelling services that help you meet the challenges of higher education.

Higher One currently serves more than 830 college and university clients and Campus Labs served more than 650 college and university clients. Both have reputations for excellence in service and a focus on higher education.  The synergies that brought us together were clear from the start and will provide added value and opportunity, combined with best in class service for you.

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You may have questions as to what this means for you and your campus –  

What does this mean for Higher One?

Higher One has chosen to add Campus Labs’ assessment software to the Higher One family in an effort to provide our clients with increased value. The Campus Labs service will continue to be offered and supported. Campus Labs will maintain offices in Buffalo, New York and Atlanta, GA and its current staff.  We are excited to add yet another valuable offering to our suite of services. In 2008, Higher One completed our first acquisition of Educard, which enabled 28 institutions to use OneDisburse® for our Refund Management® funds disbursement services. Also, Higher One has established a partnership with Evisions to bring increased convenience and integration with Higher One to Evisions’ Intellecheck software. In 2009, Higher One completed our second acquisition of the CASHNet® suite of payment processing services from Informed Decisions Corporation and Calsoft. The resulting combination of the OneDisburse Refund Management funds disbursement service and the CASHNet payment processing solutions brought increased efficiencies and value to the campus business office. Both transitions have been smooth for Higher One clients and our goal is the same with Campus Labs.

Why has Higher One decided to acquire the assets of Campus Labs?

Higher One is always open to acquiring and or partnering with companies when there is a strategic fit and increased value for college and university partners. This is the case with Campus Labs. Through this acquisition all clients will benefit from access to the industry leading services for refund disbursements, payment processing, ebilling, tuition payment plans, emarket, cashiering, assessment management, accreditation, course evaluation, surveying, engagement management, retention and more.

As a Higher One client, how does this impact us?

We expect minimal impact, if any, for any Higher One client. The most exciting part is that Higher One clients will now have access to industry leading Campus Labs assessment and data collection services currently used by more than 650 colleges and universities across the country.  

What type of Campus Labs products and services will Higher One be providing?

Higher One will be offering Campus Labs’ full suite of products designed for university leaders that improve capacity for data-driven decision making and establish a dashboard for operational efficiency. For more information about the Campus Labs suite of products, please visit www.CampusLabs.com.

Will there be a combined service offering that may provide additional value to our campus?

Initially, the services will remain intact as they exist currently. As always, your feedback is very important and we look forward to hearing your ideas on how and when we can enhance services. As enhancements are eventually available, we will work with you and provide resources and support to assist with any upgrades.

Do you expect the company names to change?

There are no plans to change brand names at this time. Higher One is proud to add the Campus Labs name and reputation to the Higher One family.

Will our campus be expected to begin using the Campus Labs services?

The choice is always yours.

Does this change anything about the data policies for the Campus Labs suite of services?

No. We will continue to adhere to FERPA guidelines and honor the data policies outlined in your contract. Higher One and Campus Labs take data security and privacy very seriously.  For more information about Campus Labs’ data policies, please visit the Campus Labs website.

How do I learn more about the Campus Labs suite of services?

We recommend visiting www.CampusLabs.com to learn more about the best-in-class services that Higher One will now be providing.

What should I do if I have other questions?

We’re here to help anytime. You may always contact your Relationship Manager with any questions. In addition, feel free to contact me at cmcguane@higherone.com or 203-776-7776 x 4118.

We understand that often there may be questions surrounding any newly formed partnership. Simply put, it is important to us for clients to experience a seamless transition.  We believe in open and honest communication and will continue our focus on you and the services we provide for your campus community.

Thank you for your support,

Casey McGuane
Chief Service Officer
Higher One, Inc.

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