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SmartPay is a cost-effective, strategy-enabled, outsourced solution that works independently or in conjunction with Online Store and Payments.

Now more than ever, as they face substantial annual credit card processing fees, colleges and universities are looking for creative ways to avoid these costs while still providing exceptional customer service to students. With SmartPay, institutions have the ability to reduce or eliminate credit card fees while offering their customers the choice of using a credit card with a convenience fee or fee-free ACH (electronic check) transactions. All customers have the ability to make secure payments at any time, using the convenience of the internet.

Value to Your Campus:

  • Streamlined business office operations as Higher One handles credit card reconciliation, chargebacks, refunds and voice authorizations
  • Funds, previously paid as credit card fees, can be redirected for capital projects, school programs, etc.
  • Integration with the full Payment Processing Solution.
  • Toll-free customer service number for students and their authorized third-party payers
  • PCI compliance

Reduce Risk to the Campus:

With SmartPay, credit card information is not stored on campus. Higher One incorporates a multi-layered approach to security and privacy to reduce risk to the institution and protect data in a secure environment. Most importantly, each customer account is FDIC-Insured.

SmartPay provides high availability in a secure environment for optimal customer service. Data is secured when it is accessed by the customer, viewed by the campus users and retrieved by campus users and auditors.

Security Features:

  • Campus/customer User IDs and passwords (with parent PIN option)
  • Security groups to restrict/permit access by campus users
  • Email confirmation receipts
  • Encryption of all personal credit card & bank account information
  • Receipts and transaction history display encrypted credit card #’s (exc. last 4 digits)
  • FDIC Insured bank accounts

Streamlining Departmental Commerce While Centralizing Business Policies:

SmartPay consolidates and streamlines both cost and labor into a single Merchant Account. SmartPay also seamlessly interfaces to existing campus financial and student systems in both a batch and real time basis.

Commerce business rules are uniformly centralized and controlled to ensure compliance to campus policies. The institution can access transaction data at any time, critical for internal audits, financial reporting and end-of-day balancing.

Although campus business rules are centralized, individual departments have complete control over what and how information is presented. This flexibility and autonomy enables individual departments to manage their storefronts to fit their needs.

Introducing: Next Day Settlement!

With Next Day Settlement, Higher One will send a daily ACH with all money collected two days prior—even if Higher One has not received settlements from credit card companies.

With Accelerated Settlement, your institution can experience:

  • Faster settlement timeline available
  • Improved cash flow
  • Easier reconciliation for your staff
  • Continued support of refunds to payment tender

 *SmartPay not available in all states.


Payment Testimonials

Higher One is a very user friendly system. New users learn the Cashiering functionality with ease. Customer support is always friendly and prompt. Problems are generally solved in the same day and often while waiting on the phone with a Higher One representative.Sarina GallonCalifornia State University Long Beach

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