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Q. Who is Higher One?
Q. What is the OneCard/MyOne Card?
Q. What is the OneAccount?
Q. What is a refund?
Q. What are my refund options?
Q. Can you explain the process for choosing my refund preference?
Q. What were my school's main reasons for making this refund change?
Q. How will I get my card?
Q. Where can I use my card off-campus?
Q. What are Mobile Alerts?


Who is Higher One? Return to top
Higher One is a financial services company founded by three college students while they were still in school in 2000. Higher One provides refund management and payment services to higher education institutions through a card-based solution. We work with school administrators to reduce costs, increase student customer service and strengthen the campus community. Higher One is located in New Haven, Connecticut and Oakland, California.
What is the OneCard/Easy Refund Card? Return to top
The OneCard/Easy Refund Card is a Debit MasterCard® tied to an FDIC Insured checking account with no minimum balance requirements, called the OneAccount. Whenever you make a purchase using your card, money is drawn directly from your OneAccount.
What is the OneAccount? Return to top
The OneAccount is your personal FDIC Insured checking account with no minimum balance.
What is a refund? Return to top
A refund is any money that your college or university owes you. Common reasons you may receive a refund include: Financial Aid overages from student loans, dropped classes or tuition overpayment.
What are my refund options? Return to top
Higher One offers choices in how you receive refund money owed to you by your college or university including the fastest refund option, an Easy Refund to the OneAccount. With this option, your refund money is deposited the same day your school releases it. For your full list of options, please check your program website.
How do I choose my refund preference? Return to top
The card will be your key for entry into the Higher One system. With it, you can choose how you want your refunds delivered. Information is contained in the system to authenticate you as a user, making it is easy to select your refund preference. Upon receiving your card, simply go to the website listed on the back of your card and enter your 16-digit number to begin the activation process.
What were my school’s main reasons for making this refund change? Return to top
For many years, students have objected to long waits for receiving refunds through the mail and have asked their college or university to provide faster, electronic options. Your school has partnered with Higher One to bring new electronic technologies that will cut school costs, provide faster refund services and offer you more choices.
How do I get my card? Return to top
Your card will arrive by mail in a school-branded envelope that contains the card along with instructions on how to activate it online. Each card is mailed to your address on file with the college or university—this is why it’s important to verify or update your address with the school. For more information, check out LearnAboutOne.
Can I use the card off-campus? Return to top
Yes! You can use your card wherever Debit MasterCard is accepted.
What are Mobile Alerts? Return to top
Higher One provides Mobile Alerts so you can stay on top of your financial game! You can get notifications sent directly to any cell phone with text messaging capabilities. This is a free service from Higher One (standard text message rates apply). You can sign up for Mobile Alerts by logging into your account and clicking on the “Profile” tab on the main menu at the top of the page. Mobile Alerts offered by Higher One include:
  • Refund Notifications – know the minute a refund is deposited into your OneAccount.
  • Balance Change Alerts – you’ll know if your balance changes by an amount you specify.
  • Low Balance Alerts – keep yourself from spending more than you have, get alerted when your balance is low.
  • Txt 2 Balance – text the word “BAL” to 67298 or “O-PAY-U” to receive your OneAccount balance instantly to your cell phone.


Before Higher One, our students only had one way to get their refunds, and that was by paper check. With Higher One processing refunds for us, it has allowed us to provide more options for our students without having to enter and store student banking information. We also no longer have to handle sorting, stuffing and mailing thousands of checks.Suzanne ClaggettUniversity of West Florida
Higher One’s experience with college students and their focus on serving colleges distinguishes Higher One from all other financial service providers. We really liked the fact that the community college customer base is expanding for Higher One.Carla Chance St. Louis Community College


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