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Student Choices

Higher One is about choice.

  • Higher One was founded by college students.
  • The OneDisburse platform was designed with students in mind.
  • Students can have their refund money deposited into any U.S. bank account of their choosing.
  • Students have the option of opening the OneAccount, an optional no minimum balance, no monthly fee, FDIC Insured checking account.

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Higher One was founded 12 years ago by three college students. They understood the unique challenges students face on campus and built a service based on choice. Students can receive their refunds via many different ways. Students can have their money sent electronically to any U.S. bank account they would like! Literally! There are no restrictions. If you can find and open a bank account, we can send your refund to that bank account (just make sure to review that bank’s fee schedule!). 


We also provide students with an optional, no minimum balance, no monthly fee, FDIC Insured checking account known as the OneAccount. We believe this is the best option because it was built based on student feedback specifically to meet the needs of college students (a demographic many banks ignore).


Students are shown this screen during activation:


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