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about higher oneWelcome to Higher101!

Higher One was founded on a college campus in 2000 by three students who wanted to revolutionize an archaic paper check-based system for financial aid refunds. Our approach to servicing campuses is built on a few key ideals:

  • Providing students with a choice of how they would like to receive their refunds
  • Educating students on their options and empowering them with knowledge
  • Creating optional, good-value banking services that are accessible to college students


Without 3rd Party Servicers

Without a 3rd party servicer, the burden for both institution and student can be overwhelming.  Institutions are saddled with the costly and time consuming process disbursing refunds through what are often cumbersome and time consuming processes.  Students are left to navigate a slow process with no choice.

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With 3rd Party Servicers

When schools carefully choose a 3rd party servicer, like Higher One, a delicate balance is realized.  It’s a true win-win.  Institutions experience greater efficiencies and cost savings through numerous process improvements.  Students gain more choice; access to faster, electronic refund distribution; and exceptional customer service.

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Our services are a win-win for the campus and the students it serves!

Today our refund distribution and payment processing services help to streamline operations for over 1,600 college and university campuses throughout the country and offer enhanced services for approximately 13 million students.

Higher101 is a resource for you to learn more about the services we provide for students and college and university administrators. Please use the Higher101 menu to the left to learn more about our services


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