Our goal is to make refund disbursement easy, efficient, affordable and comprehensive. That means a streamlined process, centered on student choice.


How it works:

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Step 1

Campus gathers refund information and sends it to Higher One.

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Step 2

Campus wires the total disbursement amount to Higher One.

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Step 3

Higher One disburses refunds based on
preference selected by the student.

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Step 4

Higher One handles all exceptions and all customer service.

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Careers: Opportunities at Higher One

Higher One offers exciting opportunities that will challenge your abilities, expand your skills and reward your contributions in an environment that encourages both personal and professional growth.

Our Commitment to Financial Literacy

Higher One is committed to giving students the tools, resources and information they need to make smarter financial decisions that can put them in control of a successful financial future.

Celebrating 15 Years of
our Refund Management®
Disbursement Service

Thank you to the 800+ campuses we’ve partnered with to:

  • Disburse refunds, providing flexible choices for students
  • Offer valuable financial literacy content
  • Streamline the disbursement process and increase business office efficiency